Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Philadelphia was hit with the largest snow storm in 10 years the weekend we moved into our new home - as a result we have to wait for the snow melt off our roof so Comcast can wire the place up for cable and Internet.

The other night my mother suggested I plug the TV in and see if we get any reception without the cable company - John worked some magic on our complicated TV and we now get NBC and CBS.

Winter Olympics on NBC - You would think this would be the ideal channel to have this week, but as much as we have tried to watch them - we both find it incredibly boring.

Dark Side of CBS - I tried to watch the CBS show with LL Cool J and Chris O'Donnell last night. It was really-really bad – the acting, plot line, dialogue – all awful! I know why O'Donnell never made it as a serious actor - he's nice to look at, but that’s his only game.

Bright Side - On Monday night we watched How I Met You Mother (HIMYM) – a great TV show. I've written about it in the past as I was drawn in over the summer after seeing Neil Patrick Harris (NPH) in a Philly restaurant.

The acting is genius, plot lines align to what my generation is dealing with and the best part - it’s actually funny!

Dear HIMYM Producers - If I could make one tweak to your hilarious sitcom – end your show with Neil Patrick Harris (NPH) being a gay sex fiend instead of the slutty straight character he currently portrays.

NPH Street Credentials – He’s become a gay leader of sorts in the world of Hollywood celebrity. Since coming out of the closet in 2006, in addition to his role on HIMYM, Harris has found success as a host of a major network award show, singin' on Broadway and has shown his comedic chops in various small budget films.

Why This Will Work - If you haven't seen the show, it's told through the eyes of the main character, Ted - he tells his kids about his life when he was single and "how he met their mother."

Viewers are left to guess who he ends up with and the story lines leave bread crumbs of information to help viewers figure out the ending.

NOTE – When speaking to your children, portraying your best friend as a slutty gay man is difficult, but making him straight and “macho” is probably deemed acceptable in today’s society.

This sentiment is obviously difficult for me to swallow. I hope for true equality for every slutty person out there, gay or straight. But I believe this to be the reality of today…no matter how much it sucks – literally and figuratively.

On My Soap Box – Folks, we are living in 2010 and more gay characters deserve a prominent place within the boob tube and silver screen.

Will & Grace in the 90’s was pretty awesome. Broke Back Mountain was a milestone movie. Today we need to bring out a multitude of diverse characters displaying campy humor, perverse dialogue and show a character like the one NPH portrays on HIMYM – one that is extremely slutty, lost count of the number of trysts he’s had BUT make him confidently homosexual.

Making Neil Patrick Harris a gay character isn’t going to solve anything for the LGBT community, but it might add another dimension in the not so diverse network TV landscape.
Would this be a shocking conclusion to an amazing show – YES - And that’s what this viewer craves!

By The Way – The show isn’t ending any time soon, just offering up my idea in advance – getting it out there in the open…awwww I feel better!

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Adolfo said...

that would be a cool plot twist. but how would they get around the time that NPH dated the Canadian girl? he went straight for a couple of months? or the times Barney slept with the same girls Ted slept with? I'm not knockin your idea, cause I love it, we just need to iron out some wrinkles.