Friday, September 4, 2009


Dustin Lance Black, Academy Award Winning writer for "Milk," recently presented a very moving and important testimony to California's Senate - urging them to vote yes for "Harvey Milk Day."

California should make "Harvey Milk Day" happen in the state! As Black stated in the youtube video above, this will cost the state nothing and will bring attention to a man who was a crusader for the LGBT community - a man who lost his life due to his courage in standing up for gay rights. A very similar story to Dr. Martin Luther King for the black community, who has a holiday in his honor.

Dustin Lance Black - the next leader of the LGBT community? He has been very active in the community and raising awareness for the many issues we're currently facing with the religious haters of the world.

Winning an Oscar for his talent as a writer could catapult him to a leadership role - something I think would be perfect for him. He's adorable, well spoken, has a story many can relate to and from the many awards and critical acclaim his movie received - it's obvious he's very talented!

Below are a few images I took from the NYC Pride Parade this year - he was the Grand Marshall of the parade.

Looking forward to seeing more "good" being done by Black in the future!

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