Monday, June 22, 2009


My facebook status, June 14:
KSLATZ saw the band Phoenix last night at the Park West theatre. What an amazing show...I'm now a big fan. Also very thankful my brother Scott chose me for his extra ticket. We stood next to a speaker and all I could think of was hearing loss...I'm officially an old man!


My brother offered me a ticket to see the Phoenix when I was in Chicago a few weeks ago. At first I turned down the ticket since John and I had planned to go to an Andersonville neighborhood festival but when John decided to relax in the hotel instead of going out, I took my brother up on his offer.

My friend Dave burned a CD of their album United for me a while back and told me I would love their sound - a mix of The Killers and The Bravery. My favorite song from this album ended up being "If I ever feel better." I remember enjoying listening to them in the past but I knew nothing in great detail about the band or their new album.

The concert ended up being awesome! They were high energy throughout the show, the crowd sang along to almost every song and there was a very sweet dance vibe flowing throughout the theatre. Since I was familiar with their sound from the previous album, it was easy for me to get into their new songs.

I told my buddy Dave I went to the show and he emailed me mp3 files of the current album - which I didn't know you could even do - so now I have all of the new songs in my iTunes account. I've been listening to the album at the gym ever since show and now I'm a big fan of Phoenix!


We were standing around an amazingly attractive crowd that night at the Park West Theatre. There was male hotness exuding everywhere! Being surrounded by 360 degrees of hottie boom body straight dudes can be hard (or make you hard), especially since you can only look - no touching! After all I really love my boyfriend (sweetie, I didn't touch, I swear) and they all seemed very straight. They weren't frat boy cute or sports jock hot - these were stylish men with built physiques and chiseled good looks.  

These hot dudes all had cute girlfriends dancing with them. My straight guy friends would have loved their girlfriends - so either way, the eye candy contributed to the fun of the evening - no harm in that!


This was a sold out show and we stood to the side of the stage about ten people deep, next to the speakers that were mounted up to the ceiling. For some unknown reason, all I could think about was the hearing loss I would receive after the show because of where we were standing.

It was one of those thoughts that you have on your mind and you can't let it go. Maybe it's because I have several friends who are audiologists/speech pathologists or maybe it was because I was very sober that night - for whatever reason, I kept thinking about not being about to hear people later in life.

I even contemplated jetting mid-concert. My brother's friend, who got us the tickets at face value, was standing next to us and I didn't want to make it look like I was having a bad time, I was clearly enjoying the show, just the idea of forever losing my hearing kept running through my head.

I then looked out at the young hotness all around me, straight dudes dancing (which makes me smirk just thinking about it) and singing along to all of the songs. I smiled and had this revelation/conversation with myself:

Kevin, you're acting like an old man...the oldest fart in the theatre! What's happening, how did you get here? You're in your early 30's and this type of behavior isn't suppose to happen this soon in life. yes, your hearing is clearly very important, but you're at a concert, this spot was chosen, you are enjoying the music - JUST lighten up!


I ended up enjoying every last second at the show! The final song was really cool, the lead singer walked through the crowd and sang the last verse in the middle of his sweaty dancing fans - it was really well timed and super cool to watch! 

I have now decided in order to have a good time at a concert I need to bring ear plugs or stand far away from the speakers. This is because I'm old enough to know better, no matter how old that makes me!

The energy in the room from this body-rocking band, the hotness surrounding us, being in Chicago on a warm summer night...I'm just lucky to be out and about enjoying life - no matter hot "old" I am!


Anonymous said...

Taking care of your hearing doesn't make you old, it makes you smart. When I was 16 I was worried about my hearing at concerts. Damn stuff is too loud. But maybe I'm an old soul or something.

Anonymous said...

i always have ear plugs with me...but that's probably because i'm the opposite of you--i hate loud music, especially live and every once in a while I check it out. i feel like a total nerd when i have them in all night but i feel better the next day...and a couple of weeks ago i lost all my hearing in one ear--scary!