Friday, June 19, 2009


Our little girl Doris has developed some serious catching skills and shows them off at the dog park everyday!

Doris likes to play catch at the dog park with her Frisbee (she is on Frisbee number two since she ate part of the last one). She can now catch it on the fly, as long as the person throwing it sends it off in a way she can run fast enough and jump to crab it out of the air.

Doris is the talk of the dog park as people constantly ask how we taught her to monotonously retrieve her toys and how she learned to catch her Frisbee. The only answer I have is that she has been practicing everyday of her life as we have played fetch since she was a little pup - so my advice to the other dog owners is to keep practicing and reward highly every time they bring the toy back to you.

I'm a very proud parent of our little Doris Morris-Boris- Yeltsin (her nickname from her daddy John) and always look forward to taking her to the park. She bats her big brown eyes at me, scratches me until I pick up her toy, plays tug of war until I throw it, she will retrieve it every time and stick out her tongue that is covered in little pieces of dirt and rock from the park ground until you throw it again.

Doris is our all-star sporty spice pooch who is so freakin' adorable I can't stand it!

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