Thursday, May 21, 2009


As stated in previous posts, Kris Allen has been my American Idol the whole season.


Kris Allen embodied what American Idol is all about. They take contestants out of obscurity, have them showcase their musical/vocal talent and give them a chance at stardom. Adam Lambert is very talented but he has already had his break, performing in the very popular musical Wicked. Kris is a college kid from Conway, Arkansas - which makes his win a better story!

They both are talented and will have great careers. Allen took his great skills and progressed week after week into an amazing talented artist - which made me want to support him more than other contestants (his cute looks had something to do with it too). I'm also the type of guy who pulls for the underdog in every competition and since all of the judges basically handed the win to Lambert weeks ago, it was great to see Allen win!


I have bought three of Allen's songs on iTunes and zero of Lambert's songs. He's just my taste in a performer. He is very deserving of the win and his humble yet confident attitude throughout the show played a major factor in his winning!


John and I were literally jumping up and down screaming when he won. When they handed him the trophy the show was interrupted for an Amber Alert- which translated into us turning into mean American Idol fans - I even cursed at the TV. We saw only the second half of his winning song - which is annoying, but provided us a very memorable end to an AMAZING competition. WAY TO GO KRIS!!!

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