Wednesday, May 20, 2009


The advertisement above is appalling! This is a similar tactic that was used in passing Proposition 8 in California where this same National Organization for Marriage ran similar ads that worried people about mandatory education in schools that "promoted homosexuality" to their children.

I believe we should be honest with our children and let them know that there is a smaller percentage of children in this country that have two mommies or two daddies instead of the heterosexual model they are accustomed to. When old enough to be taught sex education, there should be a part of the curriculum that explains homosexual sex so it isn't looked at as an evil or shameful practice.

In order to fix many of the civil rights problems the LGBT community is currently facing we need to provide appropriate education to our youth on what homosexuality really is. Educating children on this subject matter should be the same as teaching kids about other cultures and religious differences in the world. There are still places in the country where kids are being beat up, bullied and harassed for just being who they are because of the cryptic messages they are being taught at school and home. I hear these horrible stories all the time and it just breaks my heart.

This maybe too progressive of an idea for heterosexual couples to digest. Why should they have to explain to their children this type of behavior when they are hoping that their children don't turn out to be gay? I understand homosexuality is looked down upon by many religious organizations and is taught as a "bad behavior" through generations of families.

The simple answer is we are a humane society that is founded on our civil liberties for all Americans! In order to provide those equal liberties to this minority group, we need to stop the hatred and the secrecy with the youth in this country from the START - we need to have an open and honest dialogue from the beginning and believe that this will change this negative idea of being gay in America.

Homosexuality is not wrong and people shouldn't be looked down at for being who they are born to be.

The gays are not going away and I have faith that this generation will work endlessly to solve issues surrounding LGBT rights that are being infringed upon.

Which side of history do you want to be on with this issue?

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