Wednesday, May 20, 2009


From the beginning of this season of American Idol John and I have loved Kris Allen and hoped he would win it all! We've bought his music on iTunes, voted for him each week and recruited friends and family to vote for him. We like his unique vocal style, his CHILL personality and most of all his smile makes us melt - he's seriously adorable.

Adam Lambert is very talented and has that power old school rock voice - comparable to Freddie Mercury. The only thing wrong is that he has been performing in Wicked for over a year and already has a performance background. I just don't think his story is as powerful as Kris since he has been in the "business" already.

American Idol is meant to pluck someone out of obscurity and give them a platform to show their talent. This show offers an opportunity to become a mega star and that can be totally thrilling to watch - if the right person wins. There has been some lame winners/competitors in recent years - Jordan Sparks and David Cook - blah blah blah. At least this year these two guys are VERY talented!

No matter what happens tonight - Kris Allen is our American Idol and we can't wait to buy his first album!

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