Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Olbermann offered up exactly how I feel about Miss Prejean, WTF! Below is some correspondence that took place on my facebook account today. She will be on the Today Show again tomorrow...how annoying!

Kevin Slattery thinks Miss California can suck it! She showed her tits on more than one occasion and lied about it on her application and she became a spokesperson against gay marriage when her contract said she couldn't take such projects. LIARS never win. This "poor me" whining is awful...would someone shut her up already? I hope her ten minutes are up!
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Karen Lazar at 2:44pm May 12 via Facebook Mobile
Funny, I think sucking it is how she got her title in the first place. That and the $6,000 boob job paid for by pageant officials.

Tiki Houseman at 3:03pm May 12
What tits? What boob job? You mean those apricots bolted on her chest? I guess you get what you pay for.
Jennie Fronczak Dye at 3:11pm May 12
yeah, she's a real peach. i like her selective morals - promoting her flesh falls right in line with her 'Christian' beliefs but gay marraige does not?!? pretty slick. makes me wretch.
Tiki Houseman at 3:14pm May 12
Hey, what about Xtians always talking about "acceptance" and "forgiveness" -- don't get me started. Seperate and unequal is not what America and esp. California is about.
Rebekuh Luke Eley at 10:12pm May 12
Kevin, don't hold back. Tell us how you really feel.
Kevin Slattery at 11:37pm May 12
Becky, nice to hear from you. No shortage of opinions here. The more I hear about this woman the more I find myself trying not to puke. She is entitled to her opinion on gay marriage - that isn't my issue with her. After her lies and continuous "poor me" pleads to the public for being knocked down for giving her opinion just shows she's a manufactured fame seeker looking to make it in the "business." Participating in a 3 million campaign against gay marriage, the numerous topless photos that were considered illegal for other contestants and the total BS press conference today - all makes me REALLY sick. An unauthentic liar is a hard way to go through life. Once again, SUCK IT CARRIE!

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