Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I watched Carrie Prejean's speech this afternoon when Donald Trump announced that she will still keep her crown despite semi nude photos of her being seen all over the Internet and her recent decision to be a spokesperson for the anti-gay marriage movement.

Later this afternoon I watched Lady GaGa perform on the Ellen Degeneres Show. She had this funky orbit head dress thing on her head and actually sang and danced at the same time - what's this, a young pop performer who doesn't lip sync? She also thanked Ellen for all she has done for the LGBT community and for being a role model to her.

I decided I want to see these two have it out in a cage match. Who do you think would win?

Of course I'm rooting for Miss GaGa...she is really clever, talented and smart and in a fight I think she would open a can of whoop ass on the fake booby-beauty. Honestly, it's not that I really dislike Prejean, I just don't agree with how she has handled herself after the Miss USA Pageant.

Prejean is still telling anyone who will listen that God doesn't believe in same sex marriage and she was seriously ROBBED of her crown because of her belief in what God has told is right. NOW, watch her speak when she doesn't have a something prepared by groups who disagree with same sex marriage...yes, she comes off as a total moron.

Lady GaGa would out smart Prejean in a cage match and her feistiness would, in the end, prevail. Miss GaGa has an enormous career ahead of her and Prejean will have just a few media/news clips in 2009. In the end this battle royal, talent and intelligence will prevail!

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