Monday, December 29, 2008


When we first walked past the Lion statues out in front of the Art Institute in Chicago, spring 2008, my dog DeRosa, who was about 8 months old at the time, barked like she was being abducted by an alien. It really was a memorable thing, she walked up, starred at it for a while and barked loudly. She did the same thing when she walked past the second lion. That went on every time we walked past the Art Institute. When my friends walked her, she did the same thing. Maybe she was protecting her owner from a scary bronze piece of public art? God bless her pretty little heart.

When she first moved to San Francisco she started to bark at the Willie Mays statue out in front of the S.F. Giants ballpark - AT&T Park. We see this statue every time we go to the dog park - across the street from our place, so I was worried this will be a daily embarrassing incident, but she stopped as time passed on. But she started it up again yesterday when she barked at a new statue they recently unveiled of some old school Latin pitcher, I can't remember who, and wouldn't stop!

Today she got us into big time trouble. We walked past this man who looks like legendary FUNK singer George Clinton. We see him often on our walks to the park - he hangs out by the library. He has a turban of sorts holding his long grey dreadlocks (now if the dreads were different colors - he would be George Clinton) and is always mumbling some sort of jibber jabber. I always just try to leave his crazy ass alone. Until just right now...when he decided to yell at DeRosa, calling her a racist!

Now DeRosa can smell a crazy from a mile away. When ever she sees this man, while walking past a ton of different people (when I say "different people" I mean we were passing Asians, Latins, men, woman, gays and straights) she always barks at him. I first thought it was because he always wears a turban to hold his dreads, wears big round sunglasses and talks to himself, but he thinks it's because she is a racist. He said, "Your dog only barks at me, she always barks only at me, I know you trained her that way." He was kind of looking at me but maybe looking at her because he was wearing sunglasses.

This all took me off guard and I kept saying I know she is a mean girl, not sure why she barks at you. Then he said, "You know dogs are spitting images of their owners!" And I said, "I would love to see what your dog looks like!"

His friend or some dude standing near us then stepped in and said, "You sure have some pretty bitches." I then laughed and then crazy walked into the library and we continued down the street, finishing our evening walk to the park.


Bridget said...

This is hilarious! Kevin and his racist little Yorkie!

Anonymous said...

omg, so funny. i love your stories. i love getting a flavor of SFO through your blog!!! :)