Saturday, December 27, 2008


My friends and family were very fun to hang out with over the holiday. Every minute of the day was planned out like a vacation of errands/appointments, thus my very lengthy Christmas vacation in Chicago was a huge success.

It was a white Christmas and a big winter wonderland out there, especially in the suburbs where there was more snow accumulation. I saw the movie Curious Life of Benjamin was VERY good, enjoyed the whole thing...Brad Pitt was VERY impressive, I didn't think he had those kind of acting skills!

Sometimes communication via facebook and email needs to be replaced with face to face visits and time spent over a meal/event. I saw so many friends and family, I was actually very proud of myself. It really was a such a GREAT time!

That being said, I am also happy I was able to spend some quality time just hanging out at home with my two little girls today. They were being so good...which is weird, because they are normally crazy destructive beasts I have to peel off each other.

Right now I have my dog DeRosa on my lap trying to block me from typing this post...she wants me to pet her instead of typing...she is tactfully telling me to get off the computer and lay on the couch with her. She is the master manipulator, and good at it...I love lazy Saturday afternoons!

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John said...

You might want to get some errands done before I get home....groceries, dry cleaning, dog park, dinner on the table! :-)