Friday, October 10, 2008


Doris is the sweetest dog I have ever come across. She is so loving to her owners, has this beautifully unique smell, distributes adorable little black hairs all over the house, has her sisters back when she gets into fights with other dogs and loves to play catch with her toys.

My sweet dog ate two collars in two days. The pretty lime green collar you see in the picture above is the second collar I bought her since she ate her sisters collar off her neck about a month ago - which prompted me to go out and buy them both new collars.

Yesterday morning, while I was getting out of the shower, I found both of my girls huddled in the corner of the living room eating something. Some how Doris got her collar off and she decided to eat it. It was in four pieces by the time I got to her. Since her last collar was still intact, I put it on her.

This morning John felt Doris' collar was too tight (um, it was on tight so she couldn't get it off again and eat it) and took it off her neck and placed it on the coffee table. He went into the office to take a phone call and of course Doris ate her second collar. IRG!

When I get the next one, I think I am going to mess with the clasp to make sure it is permenately closed - new photos of her new collar to come!


Brother Ryan said...

You talk a lot about your dog. Interesting.

Kevin said...

are you jealous of my children? you know you should be enjoying updates on your neices not complaining about them!