Tuesday, September 23, 2008


The girls started with our new dog walker (named Rick) on Monday. I have to admit, I was very nervous DeRosa would be too much to handle. She barks at every dog she sees and doesn't stop! She is the reason why were were denied for doggie daycare :(

Rick called today to give me an update on her behavior. He reports Doris is an angel (of course, she usually is) and DeRosa is making big strides, progress from yesterday. When she barked like crazy at the other dogs he put her in the fenced off entry way of the dog park away from all of the other dogs. Once she stopped barking and calmed down she got to come back in. Rick said he did this about ten times and she finally understood if she stopped barking she could play with the other pups. He believes he can get her trained really quick and she did awesome on the ride home from the park. 

So excited the girls get go out and socialize during the day! 


Adolfo said...

Did you ever watch that show "King of Queens" ? Anyway, they hired a dog walker to walk the father-in-law. I just pictured your two dogs getting walked with an old man next to them.

Anyway, glad to hear the puppies are taking well to San Fransisco!

Nita said...

So, how is DeRosa now? Is she any better? So cute. Is she a Yorkie? She looks like my old dog, Gigi. She had the brown hair and the silver back. Her mom, Cookie had brown hair and black back. So cute. I miss them.