Saturday, July 24, 2010


My first Cubs game of the season provided lots of fun in the sun - it was super hot hot hot in the bleachers! 

Marcos and Jose had never been to a professional sporting event in the US and had no glue how to play baseball. Barb and I gave some lessons on the game - as much as we could on this seriously sticky/muggy/sweaty day. 

The thing Jose found so different from futbol/soccer games in Spain is that people are so carefree about watching the game, whereas in Spain people would have their eyes glued to the action.

I told them that the bleacher seats are essentially a big beer garden, especially when the Cubs are 9-10 games out of first place and on the verge of trading some of their best players for younger talent. 

The Cubs won the game vs. the Phillies that afternoon - maybe because Marcos and Jose brought their good luck from Spain - ie. them winning the World Cup days before the game!

What an amazing day...We left the game a little early, got a table at Sheffield's Bar, had some beer and Southern BBQ, watched the rest of the game on TV - I love that place! 

Chicago is so spectacular in the summer! 

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