Wednesday, January 27, 2010


It was early on Sunday morning. John and I were rushing around the house to get ready to spend the day in NYC to celebrate my brother's 30th birthday. I stopped for a minute and reflected on growing up with my brothers in the suburbs of Chicago.

For whatever reason, I thought about all of the gross things we did when growing up. You know, the disgusting "bachelor/fraternity house/men living with men" things that happen when growing up with three brothers.

Here a few of the nasty things we/I did while growing up:
  • Drank milk straight out of the milk carton, ate ice cream out of the container, etc.
  • My one brother wore my Calvin Klein boxer briefs - he only liked my designer underwear.
  • When playing sports - the occasional snot rocket was very acceptable!
  • Hock a "luggie" spitting contest anyone?
  • I admit to borrowing a toothbrush (something I did in college to my friend Margot - she most appropriately flipped out and proceeded to boil it to get my germs off it).
  • We had one laundry basket of white tube socks that we all shared - the socks hardly ever matched up, usually had holes or were light brown from walking outside with no shoes.
  • I can still remember the rank smell of my gym clothes - it's a smell I'll never forget!
  • Drank water out of the bathroom sink - mouth to faucet.
  • Shared bath towels - pretty much all of our bathroom supplies were up for grabs.
  • Changed sheets and pillow cases - um - well - not that often - super gross!
  • Someone's curly hairs on a bar of soap - yep - not an image that makes one smile!
  • I always chewed my food and asked my brothers what it looked like - good times :)
Yes, I was a weird kid and it had a lot to do with living with all poor mother! We even had a male dog.

BUT, I would never change a minute of it - I love all of my brothers and my parents. They all played an important role in making me who I am today - and for that, I am eternally grateful to each of them!


Anonymous said...

Kevin,this hilarious and slightly scary for me as a mom to three boys!


Matt said...

Kevin, I couldn't agree more. I am the youngest of four boys as well and some of the stuff that we did wouldn't be suitable for printing here. ;-) But like you I wouldn't change a thing.

Jessica said...

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