Saturday, July 11, 2009



I shared a great moment in my brother's life on July 4th while attending our friend's party - he did his first ever keg stand!

I was talking to this straight guy who was a friend of my friend's roommate at a party in Lincoln Park. The conversation went round and round and I'm not sure what we were exactly talking about but I know were were agreeing on all points of the subject matter when he awkwardly walked away. I clearly remember him saying he needed to go to the bathroom while I was in mid-sentence and watched him quickly walk over and hug his girlfriend.

I was either too drunk to deal with or he thought I was hitting on him - either way - before I could process what happened my brother Scott yelled to me, "Watch, I'm doing my first keg stand!"

We were pretty hammered at this point as he was rapidly drinking vodka and sodas (a.k.a. "skinny bitches") and I downed a bottle of pinot noir in a little over an hour.

Scott sucked the keg like a champ - going for a good amount of time! Parts of the party were amused and clapped loudly, others looked like they had time warped back to college and weren't too excited about the adventure.

Like a proud parent watching his child do something spectacular - mastering the first cartwheel or bowling a first strike - I took out my iPhone and captured his triumphant feat!

This was one of Scott's 30 things he wants to accomplish before he turns 30 in January. I'm glad I was there to memorialize it - way to go Scott - I look forward to experiencing more "firsts" throughout the year!


We both went to college in the Midwest as Scott attended University of Illinois and I went to Northern Illinois University. We both partied hard and did well in school. The big question is, how did he graduate college without doing a keg stand? I accomplished this "beer drinking right of passage" before I went to college at a kegger in high school - which might have been in my parents house while they were on vacation, but I'm not quite sure.

I do clearly remember doing a keg stand in my first college apartment, downing so much cheap beer I couldn't handle it all and ran to the bathroom to puke my brains out. Of course it was occupied by some slow girl and I ended up puking through my nose on the carpet outside my bathroom door.

The girl left the bathroom moments later and she wasn't shocked at the outcome - me covered in vomit. She said, "I tried to pee fast because I knew someone was about to commit alcohol abuse."

Those were the good ole' days!

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