Friday, July 31, 2009


I VERY MUCH enjoy ending a night of drinking with some "dancing my ass off" at Berlin. When I need to blow off some steam from a long work week - Berlin has been there for me. I used to go - when I lived in Chicago - either Thursday, Friday or Saturday night.

The music is amazing with my favorite DJ being Chester and a close second Greg Haus, Larissa is ok, just not always rocking one great song after another like the other two. What makes Berlin such a special place to many people in Chicago is the eclectic crowd.

Hipsters to twinks from the suburbs to groups of frisky Latin girls to every age bracket imaginable - Berlin draws in a unique group of patrons that have one thing in common - ALL THEY WANT TO DO IS DANCE. The energy on the dance floor is contagious and the mood is always turned up to the highest level.

Gay and straight people enjoy Berlin, as most people tend to think of it as a purely gay night club. I have brought my straight friends, men and woman, there and they always ask me to take them back...but keep in mind, it takes the right kind of liberal straight person to enjoy this scene! I think the litmus test is how would they react to seeing hot men grouping each other on the dance floor and drag queens being treated like the highest of royalty.

There are quite a few places open till 5am in Chicago (like Charlies - gross!) but none of them offer the intense electronic-rock-alternative beats that these DJ's offer. Berlin is a home to me and many others as I know I can go there to dance off my drunk off with people I've danced with for many years - who, like me - keep coming back for the awesome music and eclectic experiences.

Honestly, life in Chicago wouldn't be the same without this institution!

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