Monday, June 8, 2009


For a fun night out with all the "DUDE" humor you can handle - run to your local cinema and enjoy the movie The Hangover. (*** stars)

This film used Las Vegas in exactly the right way to me make a bachelor's night out with the guys end up being the most memorable moment of your life.

The directors of "Old School" did an spectacular job at telling the story of a bachelor party that ends with a living-breathing tiger in the bathroom and a crying baby in the closet! This movie moved just quick enough to keep you excited about the next brilliantly written joke. The movie weaved through a fantastic plot that ended with just the right amount of cheesy-cuteness that you aren't embarrassed when you leave with a big shit-eaten grin on your face.

This only actor I even knew was Bradley Cooper - who is a fine looking man from Philadelphia. This makes it even more impressive that this ensemble cast totally made me laugh from beginning to end and also made me want to go to Las Vegas for a weekend extravaganza.

Honestly I've always hated movies that are filmed in Vegas - like that Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher film - yuck! I basically hate the idea of going there to visit. But this film cracked me up so much that I now have new found respect for going there for the special moments in life...when you need to just throw caution into the wind and have a friggin' amazing time.

The use of Mike Tyson - truly brilliant! Go see this movie, thank me later!

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