Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Over the weekend Miss California was asked by the Queen of all media - Perez Hilton - if she believes in gay marriage. She fumbled with the answer to the question but clearly stated she doesn't agree with same sex marriage. She also is telling any talk show who will listen that she stands by her viewpoint and by her religious belief. Her grandmother is quoted as saying that Perez Hilton should be judging a Chippendale's contest...not a beauty pageant.

What isn't seen in the clip above is her big stumble before she gracefully apologizes if her opinion "offends anyone" and states that she believes marriage is between one man and one woman. TV shows are showing clips of President Obama stating that he too believes marriage is for the heterosexual clan. But the difference is very apparent.

First he stated this while running for President of the United States, a country filled with self righteous religious believers. He would be unelectable if he outright said he believes in giving this minority group equal rights. Secondly, he spoke like an intelligent human being when he made his statement - Miss California - not so much.

This doesn't give Obama a free pass on the issue. He too should be accountable for his lack of respect for a minority group who simply wants equal civil liberties. Lets hope this was just a "campaign promise" and he changes his mind on the issue after he resolves our financial crisis (so a long time from now!?!?).

Religion (Christianity specifically) is running this country - and they aren't budging on this issue. They are perfectly content with keeping things the way they are, are passing these beliefs down to little Miss USA contestants all over the country and in some instances thy are funding campaigns against making same sex marriage legal.

Watching this idiotic scene go down in pop culture reminds me that the LGBT community has no modern day Harvey Milk. Perez Hilton called the contestant a b_tch and c_nt during interviews after the pageant - he is no leader I would stand by, but you must applaud him for drawing attention to the issue.

Unfortunately I don't see a Jessie Jackson or a Rev. Al Sharpton out in the community watching out for its best interest. What is going on with our community? Why aren't we all uniting on this issue? I have gay friends who are perfectly content to have marriage kept with the heterosexuals. I just don't get it.

I'm looking into starting something - a non-profit or a social media group that believes in equal rights for everyone and having it focused on communicating to American's who are 30 and under - the majority of them really don't oppose gay marriage, have gay friends and basically understand this civil rights issue.

United this group needs to be started now to avoid more religious brainwashing and to start a movement to over take the older generation who are standing by old world beliefs. Vermont and Iowa are just the tip of the ice burg on this issue, 4 states down, so many more to tackle.



MissHum22 said...

I disagree - I think that the majority of people 30 & under are cool with gay marriage. It's the old folks and the heads of not so much "the" church, but the fundamentalist sect & the born-again sect.

Either way - church & state has GOT to GO.

Did you know that the College of DuPage almost passed rules that would force scientists & anthropology professors to teach intelligent design along with science? They would be required to say that things like evolution and the age of the planet are only theories and that i.d. is an EQUAL theory.

Yes - f-ing COD. I think those board members got shut down,though. But all the other teachers had to get out the vote.

SHUDDER... scary.

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