Sunday, April 19, 2009


John making a delicious Easter Sunday dinner. DeRosa is looking on, hoping to get a scrap of food.

I love that my man knows how to cook and I've been learning a lot of new moves around the kitchen from him. I admitted at dinner tonight, "Rachel Ray has taught me a thing or two," since I have been watching her morning TV show.

Being a housewife is a tough job...I have a lot of respect for east coast soccer moms and moms across America. I do realize I have two spoiled puppies instead of toddlers - which has a different set of possibly "easier" responsibilities. But I still have to clean the house, do the laundry, dry cleaning, grocery shopping, make dinner/reservations, and most importantly I need to make sure I look good while doing it all.

I'm not non-stop busy. In fact, I actually split up responsibilities throughout the week so I have something to do each day of the week. I'm just a horrible housewife. I'm a terrible cook, bad at cleaning and most of all - have no desire to be good at all of this.

Looking forward to school/work/volunteering - SOMETHING - new to wrap my arms around very soon!


Robyn said...

You should take a cooking lesson - seriously! You're a foodie and I could see you getting into it. If you have time on one of your Chicago visits we should plan to do a demo class at Chopping Block.

KSLATZ said...

Do they offer the basic skills for housewives? Sounds like fun...will call you soon! KS