Sunday, January 4, 2009


I don't want to be rail thin...just thinner than I am today. Above is a picture from high school. I know I was sucking it in for the picture, but today, sucking it in still looks fat, which is why I need to start working on being a skinny bitch again.

I'm turning 31 this year and I think John and I really hit the desserts and stopped our fitness routine after the half marathon. As reported in a previous blog, I have been stuck on 196 for my weight. I did go lower for a while, I think as low as 190, but after the holidays, back at 196-197 - IRG! We both are annoyed our clothes are feeling tight and it is time to lose the weight so we can stop feeling like stuffed sausages and feel leaner and trimmer! 

Today, John and I decided to do a household biggest loser. Our weigh in is tomorrow. We haven't decided on the prize, but I'm sure we can be creative and find some kind of reward that will motivate the both of us! 

Yes, like so many Americans this year, we are going to work on losing weight. Wish us luck, more details to come and any advise/encouragement is appreciated and very welcomed!  


John said...

The prize is just knowing that I beat you!!!

MissHum22 said...

Great photo! Just don't get too "skinny," Kev & John - it's not a good look.

Anonymous said...

I want to grow my hair out again...or at least recapture the youthful confidence and swagger that I had when I had long hair.

Bodies are a lot of maintenance, aren't they? I'm trying to get buff again...lifting weights is hard 31 I'm attempting to have a strong core...a.k.a six pack abs...will it happen? Probably not. But I need goals in order to get in why not a vain one?

Carly said...

Yeow! You forgot to mention SEXY skinny bitches! What a hilarious picture! And all of you guys still look smashing, (including John...oh, and the guy to the left of Eric may or may not be smashing--I have no idea who he is, so I can't vouch for him.) so don't go overboard with the dieting and stuff. Happy and healthy!

Kevin said...

I'll make sue not to get too skinny, not like I am going to starve myself...and Carly you are right, HAPPY AND HEALTHY! I don't think I will be competing with eric for the best abs, just don't want to be ashamed when we take our shirts off at the beach!