Friday, December 5, 2008


While getting ready this morning, between making oatmeal and tweezing my ear hair, I was thinking about what I wanted to blog about today.

Since a lot of my attention has been put towards getting ready to see a career counselor in a few weeks, I thought, why not write about that.

I am hoping this career counselor will help me figure out which direction I’ll be steering my career. I’d like to see if I am on the right track in achieving what my goals…well actually, I need some help narrowing down my goals and deciding what they actually are.

I am almost 31 years old – on Feb. 3rd - and I feel the need to end the habitual “Slacker Slattery" ways and decide which direction I want to take my career. I feel like I am back picking undergrad colleges and making a decision that will determine what I will do for the rest of my life. And since that decision really didn’t decide “everything” I am doing now, I know that isn’t true, but this is a crossroads of sorts for me and it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

One of the tasks I was asked to complete in the introduction paper work, from the career counselor, was to make a list of “dream” jobs/what my "dream" career would be. Here is my stab at it. I would enjoy hearing what you think of my list about what your dream job is…so leave comments!
Director of Marketing for the Chicago Cubs
Writer for the Cubs Magazine, Vineline
Assistant to famed photographer Annie Leibovitz
Reporter/Editor/Columnist of a major Men’s magazine like, Men’s Health, Details, GQ
Communications Director for a politician who shares the same values/morals
Globe trotting travel photographer
Screen writer and director of a major motion picture
Run a non-profit organization that achieves huge milestones in a social issue I believe in
Help a group of needy people using my special talents
Manage a major outdoor music festival
Develop the next BIG social networking tool
Promote DeRosa and Doris for a living…Use their good looks to make them celebrities in the puppy world

Lots of ideas, hopefully I can narrow my list down and achieve great things in the future, whatever they may be.

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Anonymous said...

My vote is for Doris and DeRosa promoter!