Tuesday, December 16, 2008


The Matadors are the tubby, all-male dance troupe that provides oversize entertainment at Chicago Bulls games.

Who doesn't love chubby guys dancing around a basketball court to Justin Timberlake's "Sexy Back?" NO, I'm not a chubby-chaser! I just think it's fun to watch fans who look like "true Chicagoans" strutting their stuff at half time, providing old fashioned "cheer leading" for the fans.

The famed SNL skit "Super Fan" featured similarly sized men like George Wendt (you know, Norm from Cheers) who used a loveable Sout-side accent and portrayed those loving "Da Bears" "Da Bulls" fans only a real Chicagoan knows. This too was so much fun to watch!

These chubby fans are a uniquely Chicago stereotype that should be perpetuated as much as possible because it really is true with many of the people you meet/see at old school bars and restaurants in the charming neighborhoods of Chicago.

Chubby and proud in Chicago...makes me feel like having a sausage and a hot dog with mustard (NO KETCHUP!) for dinner tonight.

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