Wednesday, September 17, 2008


When friends or friends of friends come to your city, you are often asked where to eat, sightsee, etc. So you make a laundry list of fun things to is my 3 months worth of knowledge of what is cool for tourists to do...

Eat at Pazzia - great gorgonzola pizza and caprese salad - flat bread, wood oven style pizza - 4th street across from convention center

Go boutique shopping on Union Street - and make sure you go to brunch at the Rose Cafe - I had their breakfast pizza - sounds weird - but it is YUMMY! Fresh juice and such a cute neighborhood!

Make sure to stop at the Contemporary Art is showing a Frida Kahlo exhibit - it's great!

DeYoung Museum is featuring a Dale Chihuly exhibition - glass exhibit, I haven't seen it but want to...

The musical I want to see is called Spring Awakening...hoping to get there in the next few weeks, great place for cocktails
before the show is the Clift Hotel - pretty sheeshy!

For Blues Music - Biscuits and Blues is a place that has great Southern Food and great entertainers

Go see the Golden Gate bridge, walk across it and take pictures - it really is cool

Memphis Minnie's in the Upper Haight neighborhood is a total dive southern food place that is tasty!

Go see Lower Haight Street (Haight and Ashbury Streets), see real hippies, and shop at Ameba Records

Go shopping at the boutiques in Hayes Valley - while you are there, eat brunch at Stacks - yummy everything!

If you are into more department stores and big name retailers, Union Square is where it's at!

Walk along the Embarcadero and see the Fisherman's Wharf - it is 10 times better than Chicago's Navy Pier - so much more to do and a beautiful scene to get caught up in

Rent a bike at the Wharf and ride across the Golden Gate Bridge - along the Embarcadero

Have dinner at the Fog City Diner - reasonably priced food, adorable setting - featured in the movie My Wife is an Ax Murderer - Mike Myers

I have heard that Alcatraz is cool, haven't seen it yet - the history is supposed to be great, nice audio tour

I love sending people to go see the Painted Ladies - aka the Victorian Homes shown in Full House

Get some weekend sun and relaxation in Delores Park - aka Delores Beach - as people lay out on this hill looking over the city and get their sun fix - you will see a very diverse crowd here!

Check out the scene in the Castro - have a cookie at "HOT COOKIE." This is the biggest center for homos in the is a site to be seen for straights and gays alike

If you have time, there are some great bus wine tours - it really is a day trip as they take you to two or three wineries and they all close at 5pm so early rising for this trip

Dinner in the Little Italy neighborhood called North Beach - eat at the Stinking Rose - if you like garlic - they even have garlic ice cream

Many people say that the Slanted Door in the Ferry Building is their favorite restaurant - I have seen it but haven't eaten there - make a reservation! Asian/Vietnamese food

See the section of Lombard Ave. known as the "crooked street" - it is a quirky thing to check out - the street goes down hill and runs in Z formation

Go to the Ferry Building on Saturday morning and check out the robust farmers market

Go to Sausalito, via a ferry right from Fisherman's Wharf or Ferry Building...a beautiful little community outside SF on the other side of the bridge - great art galleries, restaurants, little shops


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