Monday, September 1, 2008


The weather in San Francisco tends to be cooler in June, July and August, but it really depends on the day and where you are. Micro climates are in effect and depending on where you are going, it usually is a good idea to bring a light jacket or a hoodie.

Today, while running along the Embarcadero, I saw a few questionable fashion choices. I must preface this by saying there are a lot of European tourists in town and we were running along tourist central.

Who ever thought of wearing a black winter leather coat and flip flops? Seriously, I see this all the time and I'm totally shocked by it each time. Men are the worst offenders, going to the baseball game with winter coats - because it gets real cold out there at night - and flip flops on their feet. Weirdos! The fashion police need to cite these people and quick! If it is cold enough to wear a coat, shoes and socks would be a good idea, well the only idea that comes to my mind.

Then, when I was approaching home from the run, I saw a middle aged woman wearing a tank top with jeans and snow boots lined with fur on the outside. Hmmm, some fashion statements I'll never understand!

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MissHum22 said...

Kevin - I still am cool.

I've always said those people in CA can get away with some ridiculous pairings, because they don't have what we call "real seasons." So they wear tank tops, shorts, UGG boots & a scarf... WHAT?? Give me one day in Chicago where it's warm enough to wear shorts, yet cool enough to wear boots. That day does not exist. You are either sweating out your vital fluids or freezing off your vital parts.

Anyway, just wanted to say Hi :) (I saw you over on Eric's blog.) Hope you are having a great time in California..(cough) Traitor (cough) j/k - it sounds like you are.