Sunday, August 31, 2008


Have you seen the Chicago Sun-Times contest where readers decide who has hotter baseball fans, the Chicago Cubs or White Sox

Both teams are making strong playoff bids this year! I believe the writers and veeps at the paper should stick to the gossip coming out of the clubhouse, because that is what I really enjoy reading, but a little popularity contest never hurt anyone:)~ 

NOW, wouldn't you have to agree that the north side Cubs fans are far superior in hotness than the dirty south side Sox fans? 

Granted, there are some ugly ducklings in both stadiums, but if you have been going to baseball games in both stadiums since you were born, you know the Cubs have the hottest guys and girls around. Dressed to impress and looking solid in Cubbie blue - there is hotness everywhere! The stadium is located in boystown and we all know that gay men take care of themselves, so the north side wins hands down!   

As I knock on the wooden table I am typing on, I must mention a Cubs vs. Sox World Series would be awesome. And I wouldn't mind if it was the Red Sox instead of the White Sox. Both scenarios would be a baseball fans dream come true, especially if the Cubs pull through. 

Root Root for Cubbie Blue! GO CUBS GO! 

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