Monday, September 22, 2008


The shady Republican McCain-Palin supporters (or who knows, maybe even members of his team) cut up Bill Clinton's interview on The View today and twisted his comments to look like Clinton believes McCain will win the election and he supports the McCain Palin ticket.

I logged onto to get the full story, he clearly states he believes Obama will win for a variety of reasons...most notably he said voters concerns on the economy and Obama's campaigns ability to sign up millions of new Democratic voters will insure Obama's victory. He also said the debates will have a lot of impact on the independents.

Though, as a true politician, he was very complimentary to both candidates and gave many compliments to McCain, the interview was very pro Obama for president!

Check out the youtube cut up Republican version below. Shady liars!

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Scott said...

Watch Clinton on Letterman and then Chris Rock after, hysterical. He was also on the Daily Show last night and Jon Stewart was asking him how much he'd win by if he was running for president in this election!