Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I purchased Brad Paisley concert tickets for Saturday afternoon, a father's day present for John from our extremely thoughtful pups. We didn't end up seeing the whole concert (long story) but we did bump into our favorite Philly drycleaner.

When she saw me, she yelled out, "John, I didn't know you liked country music!" (She calls me John because our dry cleaning is under his name and never corrected her or the owner who calls me Mr. Cunningham – it’s just easier that way.)

Now, it’s not like me and my drycleaner are super close friends, we see each other once a week, but we’ve never grabbed bears and chilled out to a cover band or anything…so I’m not sure why she was so shocked to see me at a country music concert – she did, however, make me feel like a sell-out since I’m not really a country music fan.

I’ve always run into people in the oddest places. While shopping for underwear at Target I saw my high school boss from my job at Moto Photo. He was across the aisle looking at tighty-whiteys and I was checking out the hot dudes on the underwear packages. (Looking back on this incident, I was a sexually deprived gay kid looking to be aroused by pictures on underwear boxes, very sad – and another story all together!

Last year I was eating breakfast at my favorite San Francisco breakfast spot Stacks, my waitress commented on my Chicago Cubs Master Card, "I love the Cubs too, I'm from Chicago," she said. I then found out that we went to the same high school and she was my yearbook editor when I was a freshman. Double dog-gone weird!

Most people know about the “six degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon” rule – most celebrities are only “six degrees” of separation from Mr. Footloose. In fact, since you know me, you are “six degrees” from Bacon….my high school friend dated Ashton Kutcher in college, he’s married to Demi Moore who was in "A Few Good Men" with Kevin Bacon. Fun right!

These days I'm mostly stopped by older women who ask, "Did you know you look like Josh Groban?" Which has finally stopped being annoying and become the norm...so go ahead, tell me how much you love or hate him, I don't care anymore. And I often feel one degree separated from him.

And if you see me at out buying fetish underwear, porn, condoms, whips or anything else you might find embarrassing, make sure you say hello, as I enjoy meeting up with random people in weird places!

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