Tuesday, October 27, 2009


John was out of town recently and sent me the following text:
"Listen to Brad Paisley's song "Then." It is my song for us!!! It's on my iTunes. I listened to it on the plane. Miss you! Love you! Kisses to my babies..."

When I picked him up from the airport days later the first thing he asked was if I listened to the song. YIKES! I had to admit that I didn't listen to it. Not being a country music fan, I remember thinking out loud, "That's so sweet of him...who is Brad Paisley again?"

My official excuse: "I was preoccupied with cooking and cleaning - all of the stuff housewives do."

After listening to the song on youtube, I'm so very honored that he would think of me/us while listening to this beautiful song. I honestly had no excuse not to listen to it and I'm embarrassed by my unthoughtful action. I'm definitely in the dog house for this one!

Lesson learned: Don't take the ones who truly love you for granted. I'm VERY lucky to have John in my life and hope people can learn from my mistake - be more thoughtful to the ones you love!

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