Tuesday, August 4, 2009


As reported by kslaz on yelp.com - 3 STARS:

I just moved to Philly and needed a dependable vet that is within walking distance from my house and Rittenhouse Veterinary is at the perfect location.

My dog had loose bowel movements for a few weeks so I called to make an appointment. The woman said they weren't taking new patients but if I called three weeks later, the following month, I might be able to get in. I took my dog to the UPenn clinic (which was an awesome experience) and found out I needed to put my pup on a new diet.

A week later I called to see if I could purchase the next round of food from Rittenhouse Veterinary and the woman said we could be a patient and buy the specific brand of food with them. She also wanted us to bring in our dogs medical records for their files. I brought the records to the office and they were closed for lunch. It then slipped my mind to bring them back.

Flash forward three months - my other dog is sneezing and having a problem breathing/wheezing. I call to make an appointment and since I didn't bring in the records in - they didn't have us in the computer. Since she remembered the prior conversations she said she would squeeze us in.

She told me twice over the phone that if I didn't make this appointment I would probably not be able to be a patient with the vet and would have to wait a month to see if they were taking new patients. She was pretty abrasive over the phone, borderline rude - but I chalked that up to the whole aggressive "east coast personality" I'm not accustomed to yet.

She then called back and asked that I bring in a copy of both dog's medical records. I said I would bring them by and she could photo copy them. She asked if I could fax them to her. I said who faxes things these days? She said I needed to go to Kinkos and make copies and bring them by. I begrudgingly said fine.

I received a voicemail the Friday before my Tuesday appointment stating that I needed to bring the records by Monday so the doctor could review them before the appointment.

I went to Kinkos Monday morning, made the copies and walked them over to the office. She greeted me at the door saying that she left me a voicemail to cancel my appointment because I didn't bring the records in. I said with a smile, "You told me to bring them in by Monday, it's 11am on Monday...here are your freshly copied records!"

She said fine, and I saw a roll her eyes at me as she shut the door of the office. ME: Did that woman just roll her eyes at me? Why I outta!

After fighting the urge to open a can of whoop a** on her, I moved along to the gym and took my frustrations out on the treadmill.

I went to my appointment the very next day, 15 minutes early as requested, and my dogs were wet from our 8 block walk in the rain to the offIce.

I was given paperwork to fill out. I could tell she was trying to be nice and brought out paper towels to wipe down my dogs. I told her my silky terrier hates to be dried and she can just let her air dry, it wasn't a big deal. She said to my dog, "Oh, you don't like to be dried off but you like to jump on me and get me all wet, how nice of YOU!" IRG! I bit my lip and hoped for a pleasant experience with the vet.

AND, he and his vet tech were AMAZING. They were so nice to my pets and me, we traded pet stories and experiences with our dogs, they both seemed to really like my little girls and they liked the both of them.

The vet took time to explain why my dog was having troubles, what medicines he was prescribing and how they should work on my sneezing pup.

I have since bought our dog food there and of course, the woman at the front desk, as I was leaving told me, you know you should give us at LEAST a weeks notice next time, it takes a while to get the food delivered. I had ordered the food on Friday and picked up on Tuesday as she directed, never saying I was in a rush and could have picked it up the following week if that's what it took. DOUBLE IRG.

Basically the woman at the front desk is an abrasive socially awkward and ungraceful moron who should be fired and replaced with someone who is customer service oriented. If this happens I would be happy to give Rittenhouse Veterinary a 5 star review.

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