Sunday, July 19, 2009


Jeremy Renner in The Hurt Locker.

As written in the great Roger Ebert's website:

“The Hurt Locker” opens with a statement presented as fact: “War is a drug.” Not for everyone, of course. Most combat troops want to get it over with and go home. But the hero of this film, Staff Sgt. William James, who has a terrifyingly dangerous job, addresses it like a daily pleasure. Under enemy fire in Iraq, he defuses bombs.

The Hurt Locker came out of nowhere and blew me away! This film was sparsely promoted, playing in only two movie houses in Philadelphia, which is surprising since it was so captivating - leaving me on the edge of my seat throughout.

This visually stunning portrayal of modern day war taking place in Bagdad in 2004, is clearly defined by its theme "war is a drug." Jeremy Renner does an amazing job portraying Staff Sgt. William James, a man addicted to his drug, which is his profession, defusing bombs for the Army.

Renner's performance is notable due to his right on the mark portrayal of a confident, masculine, seasoned war veteran - a war hero every American would be proud to have lead them into war. He successfully embodies this character, from the cocky moves he makes in tense situations to the playfulness he brings on base with his fellow soldiers.

Perhaps more important to the success of the film is the amazing cinematography and the brilliant story line. The film is written in a clear and concise manner providing a perfect blend of action and dialogue - which is how most enjoy watching a movie.

At one point there was an intense standoff with enemy snipers in the dessert. Flies were swarming around the eyes and mouths of the soldiers sporting intense facades. The camera intertwines visuals of the enemy through telescopes off the soldiers weapons and quickly cuts back to the intense stress written all over their faces - enduring the heat on the battle field for what seems to be hours.

Go and see The Hurt Locker on the big screen - you'll thank me later. It's getting a lot of Oscar buzz for best film and lead actor. I really do hope the movie and Renner are big winners on Oscar night!

kslaz rates this film 5 stars.

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