Tuesday, May 5, 2009


The trip to Chicago was short BUT really sweet! I did a lot of walking up and down Clark Street for two Cubs games and various dinners-meetings-social gatherings. I met up with a lot of people, some randomly, others planned. Here is who I saw, in the sequence I saw them...

Ryan Slattery, Joanna Rios, Scott Slattery, Vivian Savage, Cathy Mulvihill, Rose Horcher, Meghan Risch, Amy Keen, John Boex, Kevin Freeman, Wallene Blizzard, Ashley Anderson, Judy Sylvester, a chubby Albino Devil (it was quick, slightly painful, and I was glad when it when away!), Lyndell Fong-Jones, Patrick Steffes, Joleen Domaracki, Amanda Johnson, Maria K., Pat Searcy, Cathy Domanico, Ihsan Gursoy, Barbara Balaguras, Karen Riha-Johnston, Thelma Walker, Dawn Young, Mark Tunny, Lisa Meredith, Maria Alvarez, Jackie Wells, Sandra B., Sandy Kulpa, Ann Hornyak, Don Arneberg, Vivian Velez, Bryan Blaise, Bill Utter, Lauren Dolan, Ann Sylvester, Shane (from MTV's Real World), Megan Richards, Tina O'Connor, Rob Christopher, Tim Frick, Joy, John Zinn, Barbara Bystryk, Cathy Cassada, Billy Dec, Robyn Traub, Katie Harris, Dustin (Big Brother), Fernado V., Rob B., Sean Vinck.

I think I remembered everyone. I will be in Chicago for another three day trip, May 13-16. I hope to see just as many if not more people on my next adventure to my hometown!


Anonymous said...

bill utter? how-where?

KSLATZ said...

viv velez works with him and when i stopped by to see her we walked past his office - he was on the phone - I waved hello.