Wednesday, December 17, 2008


My first professional head shot. I was excited my company asked me to get this done, great group of people in my office!

I met with my new career counselor on Monday. She suggested I ask friends and family some questions to help me in my quest for what is next in my career.

If you have time or have any wise words to offer, please either email me or add the answers to the comments of this post.

Thanks! KEV

1. What do you see as my major personality strengths?

2. What do you see as my most marketable skills?

3. What kind of work environment do you see me working in?

*4. If I were to enroll in a graduate school program, what program would it be?

*the million dollar question*


Anonymous said...

You have all sorts of strengths, Kevin. I was watching Oprah today (ahem) and it was all about finding your strengths and the job of your dreams, etc. Got to and follow the plan. It seemed to work on the show.

MissHum22 said...

Eric... if you don't watch it, you are going to start wearing velor tracksuits and drinking chardonnay.

Kevin - you obviously love being social, so make sure you are always out dealing with people and keeping current. Sometimes your career kind of chooses you. In these economic times, you might have to go for some sort of marketing job that pays the bills.

But meanwhile, take photos on the weekends & see if you can submit them places or set up a freelance photography thing on the side. (or whatever else your hobbies/loves might be) Just keep plugging away and putting yourself out there until you:

a. make enough money doing it that you can quit your day job.

b. notice a perfect opening somewhere you want to work (keep querying the magazines with article ideas, etc.)

c. get noticed by someone who wants to hire you to do awesome stuff.

But most of all, don't sweat it too much. You're a good egg, Kevin. You will end up being happy & satisfied, just don't worry too much about finding the perfect career right away - it might find you instead!

Kevin said...

Thanks Eric and Liz for your thoughtful words and advise. You two have been my trusty readers this year and I really appreciate your consistent comments!

Eric, when I have time at my parents house next week I look more into the Oprah workshop, looks cool but a little worried about the whole "designed for woman" aspect of it.

Liz, great advise, I'm thinking traveling photo journalist is a great direction to go, we'll see.