Friday, November 7, 2008


We are without a dog walker on Friday so I went home for lunch and took the pups to the dog park. On the way to there I heard, "Hey there Doris and DeRosa," with a very excited tone to it. When I looked up I saw their dog walker drive by in his red pickup truck waving at us while he was driving across the street by the stadium. It was weird because all three of us stopped in our tracks and looked up when we heard the girls names.

Rick the dog walker is working his magic with our little monsters. Remember it was only a few months ago that they were turned away from puppy daycare since my dogs are seriously the mean girls when they play with other dogs. This even prompted my friends to buy us the dog whisperer books and DVD.

It is such a relief that they can now, somewhat, play with other dogs in a controlled environment. Today at the park they - and when I say they I mean DeRosa - had only a couple problems with others dogs, but the majority of the time they just sniffed butts, drank a lot of water and ran in circles wagging their tails.

There was one instance where I was worried for DeRosa. There was this big ass white bulldog chasing after her like she was his afternoon snack. His name was Bubba. His dog walker must have seen the concern in my eyes because she quickly said he is harmless and wouldn't harm her. But I know my little Rosy and she can be a snippy girl and could bark at him or nip him if she wanted to be mean. So I quickly picked her up and said it was time to go. The dog walker said, "Leaving so soon?" I said I needed to go back to work, but I really just didn't want to see any of my dogs blood on the playground today and they get a two mile walk back and forth from the park, so they got their exercise.

I might be a little too over protective of them, but until they are well mannered, I will continue to act this way. If I feel at all concerned with a situation, I feel it is better to be safe than sorry.

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rick said...

hey kevin-
thought id check out your blogspot while we were texting. great pics! thanks for the kind words. you are definitely in the right to be safe rather than sorry. whenever there is an "iffy" situation at the park, i always pick up DeRosa and walk her around scratching her chest until her heartrate goes down. when i put her back down the energy usually gets back to normal and the "chase" is off...r