Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Elisabeth Hasselbeck barks like an annoying toy poodle at the Republican National Convention.

She was on the reality show Survivor, married a D-list football player and some how managed to land a job on Barbara Walter's popular morning chatty girl talk show The View, representing the only Republican in the group.

After watching the clip below, I wonder why she wouldn't keep to the issues at such a prestigious event like the Republican National Convention. Why bring up what happened back stage at The View? 

And of course Michelle Obama wasn't talking to your lame ass back stage. You are the perky, talentless Republican who repeats everything you hear on Fox News and can't stay on topic if your life depended on it!

Elisabeth, you are just plain annoying but it is fun to laugh at you when you make such a fool of yourself! 


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but she's also pretty hot.

Kevin said...

Really? I think she has a nice body but looks a little mousey and once you opens her mouth I have to hold in the vomit!

Marcos Alcaine said...

I totally agree with you, Kevin. She is soooooo stupid! I don´t even think she knows what a brain looks like....